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Cyprus Events

More than a place just for lounging in the sun, there’s lots of things happening in Cyprus all the year round. From cultural performance with big name stars, sports events to participate in or watch religious festivals with all the pomp and circumstance of the Greek Orthodox Church, to informative conferences where you can meet like minds. You’ll be surprised at what you can enjoy here.

Lefkosia (Nicosia Walks) and Events
Within the framework of wider efforts to get foreign visitors better acquainted with the old city within the walls, the Lefkosia (Nicosia) Municipality from 1987 established a series of thematic walking tours.

These tours have been reorganised to present various new aspects of the old city as well as the city outside the walls. A city like Lefkosia (Nicosia) with its 5000 yearlong history has much to offer. By walking, one gets a better feel for a place and its yearlong atmosphere, then and now, and a better understanding of its continual cultural development. This is the philosophy upon which these walking tours of Lefkosia (Nicosia) are based.

Every Monday
Pallouriotissa and Kaimakli: The Past Restored Guided bus and walking tour.
Starting point: CTO Information Office in Laiki Geitonia
Time: 10:00
Free participation
Booking in advance is necessary

Every Thursday
Discover the old Nicosia and its walls walking tour.
Starting point:  CTO Information Office in Laiki Geitonia
Time: 10:00
Free participation

Offered by the Lefkosia (Nicosia) Municipality in collaboration with the Cyprus Tourism Organisation and the Cyprus Tourist Guides Association.

Organised by the Cyprus Tourist Guides Association in collaboration with the Cyprus Tourism Organisation.

For further information and bookings (for Monday tour) please contact +357 22 674 264.

Every Wednesday and Saturday – “OCHI” Square – (Lefkosia within the walls)
Every Friday – Strovolos Municipality (Industrial area, traffic lights).
Organised by the Nicosia Municipality.

Every Saturday and Sunday
The first indoor flea market in Lefkosia (Nicosia) where one can find new and used books, toys, furniture, electronics, appliances, clothes, household items, collectibles and antiques as well as a coffee shop.
Venue: 2, Yianni Koromia Street, Kaimakli
Time: 9:00-20:00
Free Entrance
For further information please contact +357 22 432 478.

Organised by the Nicosia Horse Race Club. For further information please contact the Nicosia Race Club tel. +357 22 782 727.

Jan 1, 2015
Dec 31, 2015
Troodos Annual Events 2015
The Troodos Tourism Board in collaboration with the local communities organizes themed events which aim in promoting the culture and heritage of the communities/rural villages, as well as their traditional products.

Below is a list of the established annual events, which take place in association with the Troodos Tourism Board.

1. Rose Festival – Agros

10 – 11/5/2015
16 – 17/5/2015

This event is organized every year in Agros and lasts for two weekends.  During the festival, visitors have the chance to visit the local workshops and learn all about the distillation of roses. They can also visit the rose exhibition and various kiosks that sell traditional products.  At the same time, people can enjoy folk dance and music performances throughout the duration of the  Rose Festival.  All the sights of the village are open for the public to see.

2. Sport and Fun Festival – Platres/Troodos
6 – 7/6/2015

13 – 14/6/2015

The event includes bicycle races in nature trails, running races, as well as other sports activities that can be done on the mountain, such as hiking, archery, rock climbing etc.  The event takes place in two consecutive weekends, one in Platres and one in Troodos.

3. Herb Festival – Platres

24 – 26th /7 /2015

The festival takes place at the Cultural Centre of Platres & Platres’s Main Square. Its purpose is to demonstrate the beneficial properties of the Cypriot herbs, which they are in abundance in Troodos area (674 different species) in people’s health.  The event includes a herbal exhibition held by the growers, herb tasting, educational seminars on the matter, an entertainment show, as well as organized herbal walks and visits to botanical gardens.

This year the Festival will end with a Lavender Celebration on Sunday the 26th. Lavender  is the Herb of Platres.

4. Shepherd ’s Fair Pachna


The event takes place during the last weekend of August in Pachna village. During the festival visitors can watch the demonstration of shearing and milking of sheep and goats, taste the traditional dairy products and enjoy traditional music and dances.

5. Pastry and Baking Goods Festival – Galata


The festival takes place at Galata’s square and is dedicated to baking various pastries, as the area has a long tradition due to the many mills that existed there for ages.  There is pastry making and baking happening at the venue during the festival, while people can also enjoy a traditional cultural programme.  Guests have the chance to visit the village’s byzantine churches and Folk Art Museum.

5. Grape Feast – Wine Villages

Vasa 13/9/2015
Lofou 20/9/2015
Arsos 27/9/2015
Koilani 4/10/2015
Vouni 18/10/2015

During the months of September and October, the Wine villages organise various events dedicated to wine and its products.  During these events, people can observe the making of <> and <> at the venues and be offered various delicacies made of grapes. At the same time, there are competitions, wine tasting, and entertainment shows (including folk music, theatre productions, and revival of old traditional customs).Visitors can learn about the traditional houses of the villages, the local museums, churches, and other sights.
6. Apple Festival – Kyperounta

10 – 11/10/2015
The two-day festival takes place in Kyperounta, and includes an open air market with fresh seasonal apples, traditional products, fresh apple juice, apple pies, apple vinegar etc, an apple exhibition featuring all the types of apples that grow in Cyprus, competitions for the best apple pie, and many more.  There are also seminars about the beneficial properties of apples, as well as a full traditional entertainment show.
Visitors are encouraged to take a walk around the village and see the local museums and exceptional churches.

7. Zivania Festival – Alona/Pelentri

Alona 8/11/2015
Pelendri 15/11/2015

The festival takes place in Alona and Pelendri in two consecutive weekends. It includes distillation of zivania at the venues, promotional kiosks with traditional products, and music and dance programmes.  The local sights are open for visitors during the festival.

WEBSITE: www.mytroodos.com

May 10, 2015
Nov 15, 2015
10 Years International Limassol Marathon GSO
The 10th Limassol International Marathon will take place on the 10th of April 2016. This is a special year for the Limassol Marathon as it will celebrate its ten year anniversary. In 2006 the Limassol Marathon counted 70 runners. In 2015 the Limassol Marathon successfully accommodated 10,000 runners and thousands of spectators, establishing it as the largest sports event on the island.
The Limassol Marathon developed into an International event that promotes both the city of Limassol and Cyprus, as last year it attracted 1000 international runners from 50 different countries. Our international runners ranged from the United States of America to Japan and Central Europe.
The Limassol Marathon is the official Cyprus Marathon race, certified from the global associations, AIMS and IAAF. Due to its flat nature, beautiful scenery and perfect weather conditions, the Limassol Marathon is an optimal choice for professional runners to improve their personal times as well as for running enthusiasts which want to get introduced into professional standard Marathon running.
The Limassol Marathon offers 6 different races. Apart from the Marathon and Half-Marathon Races, which are examples of organizational excellence and professionalism, the 5km PrimeTel Corporate Race is the largest corporate athletic event on the island, counting 4000 participations. Furthermore, the McDonald’s Kid’s Race promotes the values of sportsmanship and athleticism to the younger generations of runners.
Registrations have already started for all races and everyone that is interested to take part in the Limassol Marathon can visit our website – www.limassolmarathon.com – and register online.
At the moment and until the 31st of January, registrations are subject to a celebratory 40% discount. The 10th Limassol International Marathon GSO will be broadcasted live locally by an open zone channel and internationally via live streaming.

Website: www.limassolmarathon.com

Apr 10, 2016
Apr 10, 2016
Zivania Festival 2015
Get to know Cyprus and the traditions of the island through the various festivals organised in the Troodos area.

The Zivania Festival takes place in Alona and Pelendri villages in two consecutive weekends.

It includes distillation of zivania at the venues, promotional kiosks with traditional products, and music and dance programmes.

The local sights are open for the visitors during the festival.

Alona 8/11/2015
Pelendri 15/11/2015

Website: www.mytroodos.com

Nov 8, 2015
Nov 15, 2015
08:00 – 17:00
Cultural – Cultural Festival